Aug 22, 2012

How 'The Mentalist' Can Engage Me Beyond a Facebook 'Like'

It looks like every business wants to ‘engage’ with consumers these days, but as a consumer, I don’t think I want to engage with many companies. Sure, I like my breakfast cereal, but I ignore their plea ‘Like us on Facebook’ on the cereal box. I am very happy with my washing machine and microwave oven, but I would never tweet about how excited I am about those. This insightful article explains why - social media sharing is more about showcasing your refined tastes (skeptics might say driven by vanity and narcissism!) - like a BMW or a neighborhood Deli.

However, I am baffled to see that even the ‘refined’ brands still fail to engage with their best customers. Of course, Facebook is a great platform to talk about any brands or products with your friends, but can the brands do more? Let me try an example.