May 18, 2012

Facebook as Social CRM

It feels wrong not to comment on the largest tech IPO in history happening today. I have read many articles about the Facebook IPO. Most of them dismiss it as ‘Bubble 2.0’, but have also seen some interesting analysis on the potential of new business models.

Let’s not forget that just about every pundit predicted doom for Google when it went IPO in 2004. I have heard compelling arguments that Google was likely to self-implode and the growth would stagnate. Yet, Google defied gravity to become the most successful technology company (only next to Apple).

May 17, 2012

India Trip: Reflections

I am leaving for a 2-week vacation to India on Friday. As always, I am excited about the trip. Apart from the obvious goals such as catching up with friends and relatives, attending a wedding, and having some great authentic food, I look forward to observing a few new things in India & Kerala. Maybe, it's the right time to take a break from all the serious 'enterprise consumer' stuff to reflect on these:

Consumer Products: India must be one of the fastest growing consumer sectors in the world and has great brand marketing talent. The innovation and pace of adoption of consumer goods, especially through non-traditional & localized business models, is quite amazing. Last time, I saw the large Audi showroom (first in India) in Cochin that was quite impressive. This time, I am curious to see if there will be more foreign brands including Audis and BMWs on the roads than the quintessentially Indian Ambassador cars.